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amy hudson

Amy Hudson
Certified Money Coach


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Amy was just plain easy to work with. Money is not the easiest thing to address, I tend to turn into an ostrich instantly and want to bury my head in the sand. Amy kept pulling my head out of the sand and showed be a gentler way to look at finances. It's not just about the money, its about life and relationships, understanding connection. I would recommend Amy to anyone!"

Lisa Loewen
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Who Am I

I am a certified money coach who helps families or businesses with their personal finances, anywhere in North America via phone, Skype or workshops.

I will help you uncover beliefs and patterns you may not even know existed and coach you towards your goals.

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With Amy’s help I now have a clearer picture of my finances and what steps I need to take in order to do away with unnecessary expenses and meet my goals for my financial future."

Colleen S
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I always felt like I was not worthy of having lots of money. Amy helped me change that about myself and so much more. I highly recommend Amy to help you with your finances but also with your belief about money."

Rachelle Delorey
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You Are Not Your Paycheck

Read those words again. You are not your paycheck. It logically makes sense but at some point in your life you have probably thought other wise. Let’s face it when we grow up we are basically trained to talk about certain things with people when we mee them. “How about this weather?” “Where do you […]

Is Your Child Judged Because of Money?

Let’s face it kids are mean. Kids will find anything and everything to pick on someone about. Despite all of the anti-bullying campaigns out there, it still happens and will always happen. Yesterday one of my kids told me a story and it got me wondering, is your child judged about money? I guess I […]